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UPS Advisory Software

Intelligent Power Manager.
Software solutions for monitoring and management of your UPS and connected equipment.
Client shutdown software for graceful, safe shutdown of UPS-protected devices
UPS Protection Software

Intelligent Power Protector
DC Power control and monitoring Software

Power Expert Software
Monitor your entire power distribution system, including UPS, PDUs, RPPs, PDRs, CRAC units, switchgear, MCCs
Enterprise Power Monitoring Software

Power Manager II
Remote monitoring, configuration software and battery health check tools for Eaton's DC power systems products
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Eaton Powerware PDU
Intelligent Power® Distribution with Eaton ePDUs

Eaton ePDU’s are enclosure-based Power Distribution Units, designed to provide reliable, cost effective power distribution together with highly accurate monitoring & control for IT equipment in the Data centre.

Two key trends have emerged in the Data centre: the increasing demand for power from today’s IT equipment, and also the increasing cost of power. Couple these with the worldwide growth in demand for data centres and IT servers, and it is clear that Data centre managers are facing increasing pressure to manage and optimise their available power.

To effectively be able to manage power for growth, and manage the increasing associated costs, Data centre managers need an accurate view of the power and energy being consumed in the data centre, from row to rack, and right down to the individual server level. Only then can we truly understand the power usage and optimise the available power.

Eaton ePDUs enable the Data Centre manager to

-  Optimise and utilise all available power
-  Control the operational expenditure of running a Data Centre
-  Effectively manage and plan for new and existing infrastructure

Intelligent Power Distribution

Maximise your available power, choose your required level of monitoring whether it is true kWhr, V, W and A consumption to enable you to utilise all of your available power, or switching to give full control and remote reboot options, or combine the two to fully manage the rack power.
Intelligent Power Monitoring

Manage your power consumption, accurately monitor the level of power being drawn by the rack, to the breaker branch or outlet group, right down to the individual server level, so you can control your operational expenditure

Intelligent Power Control

Complete control of your power distribution through remote and secure individual outlet switching, sequencing and cycling to allow for control and rebooting of servers and related IT equipment.

Intelligent Power for the Data Centre

Maximum availability - designed specifically for the data centre environment, designed for reliable and consistent power distribution, designed to last. Multiple technologies and multiple input and output possibilities are available

Intelligent Power Manager

Supervise your data centre power distribution - Eaton ePDUs are designed to be easy to set up and maintain, either through your existing SNMP software or through Eaton’s Intelligent Power Manager software.
Standard or Custom units

Eaton Standard ePDUs - Our top sellers

Eaton Standard ePDUs feature our top sellers. These are designed to meet the most popular needs in today’s data centre and are available on very short lead times (usually in stock). Our standard units offer either IEC outlets or national outlets for the most popular models and technologies.

Eaton Custom ePDUs - Eaton ePDUs tailored to your needs

If you require something special, then for large opportunities we can offer custom Eaton ePDUs tailored to your needs, across all power densities and with multiple technologies available to satisfy the needs of the most demanding data centre.

With custom ePDUs you can select from UK, Schuko, French and IEC (C13 & C19) output sockets and single phase, 3 phase, local (UK, French or Schuko), EN 60309, IEC (C14 & C20) or unterminated cords for termination directly to the output terminals of the UPS.