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UPS Advisory Software

Intelligent Power Manager.
Software solutions for monitoring and management of your UPS and connected equipment.
Client shutdown software for graceful, safe shutdown of UPS-protected devices
UPS Protection Software

Intelligent Power Protector
DC Power control and monitoring Software

Power Expert Software
Monitor your entire power distribution system, including UPS, PDUs, RPPs, PDRs, CRAC units, switchgear, MCCs
Enterprise Power Monitoring Software

Power Manager II
Remote monitoring, configuration software and battery health check tools for Eaton's DC power systems products
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Eaton's Virtualisation-ready UPS Bundles

The new Eaton virtualisation-ready UPS solutions pair the latest generation of high efficiency UPSs with network card and management software in one convenient package, seamlessly integrating into industry-leading virtualisation platforms.

Eaton’s virtualisation solution allows you to:

-  Minimise downtime by automatically initiating virtual moves
-  Prevent data loss with graceful shutdown of virtual machines
-  Initiate real-time cloud backup to facilitate disaster avoidance
-  Save time and money spent on site visits by monitoring and controlling equipment in remote locations with power outlet on/off functionality
-  Mitigate problems with timely alarms

Powering Converged Infrastructure

Power protection is so essential to the safe operation of converged architectures that it should be regarded as the fifth element of a complete converged infrastructure solution, alongside servers, storage, networking and software. A power management system from Eaton-consisting of an intelligent UPS, an appropriate power distribution system, and comprehensive power management software-ensures data integrity, business continuity and resilience.

Eaton's virtualisation solution extends network runtime, protects critical equipment and allows you to view and manage your entire power system from your existing virtualisation dashboard. Eaton works with partners like NetApp and EMC to provide the ultimate power protection that is completely integrated with converged infrastructure offerings.

Eaton Solutions for Large Corporations

Eaton offers the industry's largest selection of power management and protection solutions to meet the diverse needs of large corporation. From the desktop to the data centre, from AC-powered to DC-powered equipment, from hardware to software and services, Eaton products are the answer to all your power management and protection needs.

With more than 40 years of industry leadership, Eaton's line of products have earned the confidence of our customers, ranging from global Fortune 100 companies to home office users, with:

Premium-quality, highly reliable UPS and DC products designed to provide the level of protection you need for all your applications

Award-winning power management software to proactively monitor and manage your mission-critical systems

World-class 7x24 global service plans - from product management to remote monitoring to preventive maintenance - we deliver the peace of mind that your corporate networks are always protected